Juice Therapy

September 29th, 2020

Juice is “the live organic water”. A fresh made juice includes most of the minerals, microelements, vitamins that an organism needs, within their 100% digestion. In addition, fresh juice has a strong detoxicating influence on the organism as a whole; it suppresses the pathogenic microflora and has a regenerating property. Healing with the fresh-made fruit and vegetable juices is a unique method, which allows coping with many different illnesses. The program includes:

  • Consultation of center specialists
  • 1 liver cleaning procedure
  • Massage – 1 procedure
  • Darsonval
  • Press theraphy
  • Clay applications
  • 3D Platta (3D Shumann’s platform)
  • Intestines cleansing
  • Fresh juices (fresh juices 6 times a day)
  • Phyto teas
  • Dietary breakfast
  • Recommendations after the cleansing cure

Program duration 3 days. Price from  395 EUR Program duration 2 days. Price from  290 EUR What to take along:

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for walks
  • Sports suit
  • Slippers
  • Pair of warm sox
  • Spare T-shirts
  • Objects of personal hygiene
  • Good mood
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