EXPRESS organism cleaning

September 30th, 2020

One-day detoxification  programme which is developed by us for hard-working people Organism cleaning is an effective method, which stimulates full organism restoration and treatment of different illnesses. Natural mechanism of self-cleaning favours the excretion of scruffs, toxins and chemicals. Functions of all the internal organs stabilize and normalize, organism’s metabolism improves. Cleaning is the way to youth and health. Beneficial influence of the cleaning procedures will immediately affect your mood, health and appearance; it will:

  • strengthen your immunity
  • reduce your weight
  • normalize your metabolism
  • improve the color of your skin and strengthen the structure of your hair and nails
  • stabilize the state of your nervous system

The program includes:

  • Consultation of center specialists
  • 1-times liver cleaning
  • Darsonval
  • Press theraphy
  • Clay applications
  • Fresh juices
  • 3D Platta (3D Shumann’s platform)
  • Phyto teas
  • Steam bath or sauna, swimming pool in Jurmala Spa hotel
  • Dietary breakfast
  • Recommendations after the cleaning cure

Program duration – 1 day. Price from  145 EUR What to take along:

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for walks
  • Sports suit
  • Swimming wear
  • Slippers
  • Pair of warm sox
  • Spare T-shirts
  • Objects of personal hygiene
  • Good mood
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