DETOX program

February 26th, 2019
Nature as a teacher and a healer.

Detoxification (Latin prefix de- removal, elimination + Greek toxikon- poison) of the organism is a complex of healing measures, directed to remove toxins, scruffs from the organism. This is an effective method, which favour the organism’s full healing and treatment of different illnesses. The program includes:

  • Consultation of center specialists
  • 2-times or 3-times liver cleansing
  • Darsonval
  • Press theraphy
  • Back massage (1- time procedure)
  • Clay applications
  • 3D Platta (3D Shumann’s platform)
  • Intestines cleansing
  • Phyto teas
  • Dietary breakfast
  • Recommendations after the cleansing cure

Program duration – 2-3 days. Price from 270 EUR What to take along:

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for walks
  • Sports suit
  • Slippers
  • Pair of warm sox
  • Spare T-shirts
  • Objects of personal hygiene
  • Good mood
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