About Us

February 16th, 2012

ALVE Hotel is in Jurmala, one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia. It is located on a coast of the Gulf of Riga, which is in the very center of Latvia’s resort zone. You will find the hotel in the city’s main pedestrian street. There is a great deal of various cafes, stores and boutiques in the area around the hotel. Its modernist architecture is in tune with old Jurmala’s historical mansions, interspersed in its vicinity.  When you come to stay in ALVE Hotel, you become a participant of tourists’ resort life of a changeful Jurmala that can be both home-like peaceful and cozy, and exploding with fireworks at the time of many festivals and holidays. ALVE Hotel is 15 minutes away from Riga and 10 minutes away from Riga’s airport by car, 5 minutes away from a closest railway station on foot. It is only a 3-minute walk to Jurmala’s central concert square – Dzintari Concert Hall.


Isn’t health a miracle? A. Chekhov

The Health Center VALE is situated in the city of Jurmala – the most beautiful pearl of Latvia – on the coast of the Gulf of Riga. The breathtaking aroma of pine forest, the dune seacoast landscape, the sea air rich in oxygen and iodine all activate your body’s recovery processes. The scenic seacoast of Jurmala serves as a great incentive for long walks. Our Task is to teach people to walk barefoot on the roads of life, so that they can restore their connection with Nature. The true enjoyment of life is possible only with the true health. Every person can obtain it, but only when willing to be taught by Nature and willing to become again an inalienable and harmonic part of Nature.

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